We can help you

  • Learn the best QA practices

    We are a team of hands-on professionals, with years of experience in QA and Software Development fields. We will introduce you to the latest IT practices and tools that will be required in your future daily working environment

  • Test Real Projects

    The main purpose is to provide you with real-world experience. We collaborate with several commercial projects, to ensure our students are able to apply the course experience to future job opportunities

  • Get a Job

    We help you to reach the next professional level, whether it is your first IT job or a new level position in QA Automation. We guide you in your job search - from resume application to technical assignments

Who we are

Legion IT Services e-learning programs are developed by a team of highly experienced IT professionals that hold leading positions in top companies in Canada, USA and Israel.

  • One of our main goals is to meet software industry needs by acquiring theoretical knowledge along with practical skills, simulation of work environment and solving real-world problems and tasks.

  • We believe in learning by doing, therefore, we provide software testing at every stage of the application development process and guide students through the full job interview process.

  • Our commitment is to provide our students with quality training, constant evaluation and support in pursuing their successful IT career.

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