About the course

After completion of the full version of this interactive course you will be able to work as Automation Engineer. The course includes interactive online classes, video, useful information, quizzes, home assignments, work on real life QA projects as well as the opportunity to receive mentoring support by phone, Slack or any messenger. Duration of the full course is 2-3 months, 6-8 hours weekly

  • GTML and CSS intro

  • Java Script programming

  • Visual Studio Code

  • Cypress.io automation

  • Devops tools: Github and Continuous integration

  • Performance and Load testing basics

  • Co-op with Legion IT Services or one of the company partners is an optional part of the course

  • Please note: the learning materials, examples, assignments are in English, the course instruction is provided in Russian

  • Prerequisites: Intermediate English, Manual QA methodologies and tools knowledge

  • Upon successful completion of the course participants will receive a verified digital diploma.


  • 1

    1. Automation Trial

    • About the course

    • Setup slack

    • Use slack on your PC

    • Intro

    • What Is Automation?

    • What can be automated?

    • Automation Benefits

    • Automation Limits

    • Automation Process And Lifecycle

    • Automation Developer Skills Set

    • Presentation

    • HTML Intro

    • One picture instead of many words

    • Visual Studio Code (VCS) Installation

    • Visual Studio Code Intro

    • HTML Elements and Tags

    • HTML Quiz